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Advanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Billing Companies

The business needs and requirements for Billing Companies are very different from other health care business entities. Your needs are complex, as they vary from one client practice to another, from specialty to specialty, and from one state to another. Your solution must be cognizant of the needs of both you and your clients; as well as apply and enforce specific business rules for each situation. Your solution must also grow as you grow, and meet today's changing health care business environment.


Our MD Solutions Advanced Revenue Cycle Management platform provides the hosted solution that links you with your client practices. Regardless of whether your client needs only RCM services, or practice management services, MD Solutions allows you to provide the exact level of service that your client requires.


Use the MD Solutions platform to become your own clearinghouse. Exchange X12 compliant 270/271, 276/277, 278, 835, and 837 transactions directly with those insurance carriers that accept them, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and many commercial carriers.


A partnership with MD Management Systems LLC provides you with the compliant technology base to build your successful business upon. Start-ups and established billing companies both benefit from our expertise and service.


Put the power of the MD Solutions platform to work for your Billing Company today.


The MD Solutions platform offers a number of services that you can offer to your clients, as well as utilize in your operations:

Text Box: - Intuitive Data Entry w/ Business Rule Enforcement
- Claim Management
- Timely Filing Monitoring
- Insurance Verification
- Document Scanning & Management
- Clearinghouse Integration
- Integration with OpenEMRtm
Text Box: - Physician Front Office Tools
- Appointment Management
- Secure Instant Messaging w/file exchange
- Third Party EMR Data Exchange*

* Depends Upon EMR System
Text Box: - Centrally Hosted Solutions, physically located in
   the United States
- Data Backup and Storage Off Site
- We maintain our own systems
- Systems available 24/7, unless otherwise noted
- Systems always compliant with federal/state 
   regulations and insurance carrier rules.

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