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Patient contact can be a tricky endeavor. Often-times, to get a claim paid, you need information from them; they need to provide the carrier with information; they need to get a valid referral; and so on. More often than not, they don't understand why they need to be involved. We've all heard it, "that is between you and my insurance carrier". As frustrating as they can be, you also don't want to alienate your patients either. You also need to get statements sent out; get patients to pay the balances they owe; and also deal with those that just refuse to pay. Let us handle these situations so that you can focus on your practice.

Patient Pre-Collection Contacts

Your patients are contacted, with a 'soft touch'. They are gently reminded of issues and/or balances that they need to respond to. We can also handle the resulting incoming calls, and be the buffer between your office and the patient. You don't want drama, you just want to get paid for the service you provided.


Patient Collection Contacts

Some patients require a firmer hand to get them to pay. You decide how 'soft' or 'firm' our representatives are with your patients in order to get them to pay you. Should you decide an intransigent patient needs referral for legal action, you can use your attorney, or ours.


Patient Informational Contacts

Sometimes, all you need is to make a group contact. Perhaps a change of office hours, new office address, targeted contacts for a group, such as diabetics, etc. Does your software allow you to do this on your own, or do you need help? We can provide that data conversion capability, and generate the mailing, or just the list, for you.


Case Management Contact

You want to provide, and bill Medicare for Chronic Care Management Services, but don't have the staff and/or time to devote to it. Our clinical staff can make the calls that you need to make, and furnish you with the information you need to comply with the program rules, and bill for those services.

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